Welcome to the second edition of Global Intelligence.

2017 will be a year of firsts for global media. It will be the first year in which spend on internet advertising will surpass television, and the first in which mobile advertising will be bigger than desktop.It will also be a year of political uncertainty, as we wait to find out how ‘Brexit’ takes shape, and what a Trump presidency will mean for the US – and the world. Elections are coming up this year in France, Germany and Italy, and like last year’s votes they will be influenced by the current wave of popular anger at the political establishment, making the results even more unpredictable than normal. Towards the end of the year, the National Congress of the Communist Party of China will unveil China’s new leaders and its likely future direction.

Despite this uncertainty we expect the global ad market to maintain the pace of steady if unspectacular growth it has enjoyed since 2011. Adspend has grown at a stable 4%-5% a year, in sharp contrast to previous decades when adspend exaggerated the economy, rising faster when the economy boomed and falling further in recessions. This stability, however, masks the upheaval caused by the ongoing revolution in digital advertising, which is transforming the way ads are created, traded and served. Global Intelligence is designed to give you insights into this revolution from experts at Zenith and Publicis Media, and help you take advantage of the opportunities it creates.