The Women’s Apparel category is vital to the Kohl’s business, however, the category had become increasingly commoditized. As a result, Kohl’s market share decreased, while the category increased. The goal was to grow Kohl’s Women’s Apparel business/market share, and becoming the destination store for women’s apparel.

Insight & Idea

The main insights that helped us get into the minds of Kohl’s core Moms:

  1. W35-44 are under immense pressure to be mothers and prioritize their kids above everything else (even their personal style).
  2. Too much choice in the women’s section made it challenging to piece together an outfit, given these time pressures.
  3. However, to be their best every day, women need to feel good, and personal appearance is part of that.

With less free time, money pressures, and a lack knowledge of how to pull together “a look”, it’s hard for Moms to look their best every day. If a Mom doesn’t look good, she doesn’t feel good. And if she doesn’t feel good, she can’t be her best self for her family. When Mom is feeling her best, life gets better for the whole family, which is important to her.

Therefore, we needed to empower Moms to be their best every day.


“Everyday Runway” showed Moms how to rock their personal everyday style, without detracting from their focus on family. It also demystified the Kohl’s women’s apparel department in a fun and inclusive way, with an integrated campaign to deliver one holistic message to Moms. In order to achieve Kohl’s business objectives we needed to deliver a 2 pronged approach. Firstly we needed to increase awareness and credibility of Kohl’s Woman’s Apparel category. Next, in order to deliver sales, the approach needed to focus on increasing consideration and drive conversions.

Increase Awareness & Credibility:

Zenith secured a partnership with Time Inc. to reach the Kohl’s consumer across publications – InStyle, People, etc – and media types – Digital, Print and Influencer. Kohl’s was embedded in fashion content ranging from custom Print look books (first to market for InStyle) to engaging video content to truly drive brand reappraisal. Zenith also brought the “Everyday Runway” concept to TV with “The Today Show”, creating a one off in-show fashion show using the style guru, Christine Bibbo-Herr, to highlight various everyday looks.  “Attainable” bloggers and celebrities were cherry picked to create “Everyday Runway” customer content to leverage credible and personalized voices for fashion advice. Content was amplified through paid media across Facebook and Instagram.

Drive Consideration / Purchase:

“Everyday Runway” was supported through high-reaching everyday media channels, such as Video, Digital Display, Social and Search, to get consumers to reappraise Kohl’s and drive sales. Kohl’s 1st party and 3rd party data was leveraged to hone in on Women’s Apparel shoppers and deliver effective reach versus current Kohl’s shoppers and Women’s Apparel shoppers who currently didn’t shop at Kohl’s, and help further grow Kohl’s cookie pool for future promotional/ long tail remarketing messaging. The promoted “Everyday Runway” outfits were replicated instore and via ecom, providing a direct link between mass media activity & retail.


The campaign repositioned Kohl’s as a truly accessible fashion partner that could empower women of all shapes & sizes to feel their best, everyday.

Drive Consideration / Purchase:

  • Women’s Apparel category was one the top Ecom revenue drivers of all brand campaigns for Kohl’s in 2016
  • Kohl’s earnings calls highlighted how some of the key brands featured in campaign activity have seen double digit YoY growth

Lift in digital brand consideration (+400% vs. goal of 12.9%)


Magazine Brand Sentiment score for High Impact Units (+27% vs. goal)


Magazine Brand Sentiment score for Double Page Spreads (+8% vs. goal)


Social Engagement Rate (+6% vs. goal)